A visual collection, compiled by Alan Sundberg, artist designer | @AlanSundberg and @AFS_sundberg studio via twitter and tumblr.

on my study wall #AlanSundberg / sculpture


Juxtapositions: Tempelhof airport (now defunct) and my concept drawing of aerial view #artberlinfair #artberlinfair2018 #AlanSundberg / note: Tempelhof Flughafen, built in 1927, was part of Albert Speer’s urban plan for reconstruction of Berlin during Nazi era “Germania”. Next week in the hangers 5 and 6 will be used for #artberlinfair (Sept 27-30)

on my studio wall #AlanSundberg / view to Savignyplatz Berlin

drawings decades apart #AlanSundberg / 50yrs.

drawings decades apart #AlanSundberg / 50yrs

drawings decades apart #AlanSundberg / 50yrs

9/11 memorium


#AlanSundberg drawing, pigment, and collage, 2018